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Corn Syrups

Du-Bake 42/43© Glucose Syrup

Gateway Food Products features a complete line of SyrupsDubake 42/43© is a clear, clean tasting, ordorless glucose syrup manufactured from corn starch. It has a bland sweet taste, and stores and ship well in drums or tank lorries. Dubake 42/42© used in canned fruit preserves, ice cream, bakery products, jam, soft drinks, candy and various types of confectionery products. Large quantities are also used as a booster in the fermentation of alcohol.  Download Product Spec Sheet

Du-Crose 3© Corn Syrup (63/43)

Du-Crose 3© 63/43 Corn Syrup is a pure, high D.E., carbon-refined corn syrup. This enzymatic conversion of long chain dexrins into mono- and disaccharides gives Du-Crose 3© a high concentration of fermentable sugars. This property, coupled with high sweetening power with a lower viscosity, making Du-Crose 3© Corn Syrup an excellent syrup for baking, flavoring, and beverage applications. Download Product Spec Sheet

Du-Sweet 4© - High Fructose 42% Corn Syrup

Du-Sweet 4© is a corn sweetener composed largely of simple sugars, dextrose, and fructose. Du-Sweet 4© is commonly used in beverages, soft drinks, fruit juice, cakes and pastries, canned fruit, jam, dry fruit, dairy products, and oral liquids. Du-Sweet 4© is also used in Pharmaceutical products, Health & Personal care products, and Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry products. Download Product Spec Sheet

Du-Sweet 5© - High Fructose 55% Corn Syrup

Du-Sweet 5© High Fructose 55% Corn Syrup is produced using a multiple enzyme process. Its sweetness and clean, non-masking taste make it ideal for use in the food and beverage industries. This easy-handling, stable syrup with 96% (DSB) combined fructose and dextrose solids may be used to replace up to 100% of sucrose or invert syrup in many food and beverage applications. Download Product Spec Sheet

Carroll's Pancake & Waffle Syrup©

Carroll's Pancake and Waffle Syrup© is special blend of syrups that create a rich and smooth taste. Pancakes and Waffles will never taste better with Carroll's Pancake and Waffle Syrup. Our flavor profile and packaging options are ideal for food service applications. Available in a variety of flavors. Download Product Spec Sheet (Maple Flavor)Download Product Spec Sheet (Butter Flavor)

Carroll's Dark Corn Syrup

Carroll's Dark Corn Syrup is a blend of our Du-Bake© corn syrup and molasses. Corn syrup is a mildly sweet syrup derived from corn starch, providing sweetness and moisture and preventing crystallization of sugar. Carroll's Dark Corn Syrup is best suited for commercial recipes to bake pies (most noted as an ingredient for pecan pies) and to make candy, cereal bars, chocolate coatings, and candy corn. Download Product Spec Sheet